Mysterious Lotus Casebook Merch - Lotus Tower Horse Carriage Assembly Model [iQIYI Official]

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389 pcs;  Approx. 6 hours to assemble for beginners, 3 hours to assemble for experts

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Are you into the show "Mysterious Lotus Casebook"  (연화루) by Cheng Yi? Add this intricate model to your collection!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Could be better

The instructions were in black and white, which is ok I guess, but it could have been better. The main problem was the instructions. Putting this together was frustrating following the instructions step-by-step. There were certain parts that would have worked better if done earlier or later on in the instructions. The parts were also indeed fragile, so careful handling!

Lisa Kleine
Great miniature!

The steps of the construction manual are easy to follow, as they are shown mostly by illustrations. The instructions are in Chinese, but it is mostly stuff like: colored side up. :) It was a lot of fun to build, though a little nerve-wrecking with some delicate parts, as this kit does not have spare parts.

The miniature is so pretty 😍 the little figures of our main cast and Huli Jing are so cute! I love it. I even constructed some tiny lanterns to light it up in the night. :D

All in all a lovely reminder of the show and a wonderful decoration for my bookshelf ❤️

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